Learning Worlds

Inspirational, educational and entertaining deep dives into business relevant topics.

Learning is fun

On their journey, the players get to know exciting worlds, experience many adventures and  collect points, badges and stuff.

The goal is to collect as many personal experience points as possible and to join a team to claim a position on the leaderboard.

The journey is balanced between competitive and collaborative aspects and while the reason to start the learning journey can be extrinsic– once a participant has opted into the adventure, motivation is intrinsic and therefore long lasting.

Learning should be fun, not only because fun is the best known learning method. It should be fun to attract people, to demonstrate that the content has been assembled with love and care.

To meet the leadings industries standards.

Our learning worlds

Each learning world represents one specific topic – like artificial intelligence – where participants can dive deep into. Participants visit one world after another, driven by a set schedule.

This journey is designed as a coherent learning journey.

At each arrival at a new world, participants are welcomed and introduced by tour guide who offers insights and safety notes as well as FAQ.

A world can be rolled out either virtually or as physical event (extended into the virtual space).

A world´s learning experience contains a minigame, a questionnaire as a self-assessment and the quest of the sphinx (the team competition).

Real World
We start the trip with a deep dive into the world of AR/VR/MR. What is possible? What is not possible yet? Examples from the field of practice, inspirations from the games industry.
Smart World
We explore the world of the prefix Smart. (Home, Fitness, Health, Factory, City).
Perceived World
Sensors are surrounding us everywhere. At home, on a business trip, or in a fully automated factory. We get to know the Internet of Things and explore what can be done with household sensors.
Automated World
Robots in factories or logistics centres and self-propelled cars are just the beginning. We are exploring the world of robots and autonomous systems.
Intelligent World
One is gearing up for expansion on the AI planet. We' re on a secret mission, exploring scenarios and spying on the status quo.
Disruptive World
What is disruption? How does one deal with a crisis? How does a company become „anti-fragil“?
Human World
In the world of people, we learn about the magic and power of user experience design and explore what motivates people.
Playful World
Games are invented on a hidden moon of the human world. In a secret mission we explore the market, methods, technologies and innovations of this industry.
Digital World
This planet is where the threads run together. We find out how an interlinked, digital ecosystem is created and which business models are currently being developed.
Dynamic World
On this planet we stop for a break on our way back home: how do we transfer our experiences at home? How does change and transformation work?
Integrated World
This worlds integrates the others and offers a playground to experience their interactions and emergent effects.
New World
Philosophical reflection of the journey. Discussion and open dialogue.

Visiting a world (example)

  • Landing approach: short questionnaire to clarify the participants previous knowledge about the world (3 days in advance)
  • Touch down: welcome and introduction (ca. 30 min)
  • Round trip: visiting 3 – 5 important landmarks (short lectures including i.e.: videos, animations, business-examples, interviews). interactions via live-votes or guessing-questions (ca. 60 min + 15 min break)
  • Road back to the spaceship: playing one mini game (5 min)
  • Departure from the planet: Summary, discussion, FAQ (30 min)
  • Heading the next world: sphinx quest (10 min)

A visit

Participants dive into one worlds topic and learn about 3 – 5 different aspects, dimensions or cases.

  • Participants are welcomed by the facilitator with live video broadcast, they can share their own video, if they like to.
  • Questions can be asked using text-, voice- or video-chat.
  • Videos are displayed within the livestream and can be re-played within the platform after the event.
  • For each world participants will find a landing-page with downloads of slides, re-play of videos etc.

The tour guide

Prof. Tim Bruysten
Tim founded his company in 1997 offering advice, coaching and services to help companies dive into the digital world, running through transformation and embracing innovation and their future.

How to play the game

Each team can win one of several awards. Teams consist of 3 – 5 players. An award is won by the team that managed to gather the most award team points.

To collect team points, a team must go simultaneously through the sphinx-quest: 4 questions asked by the sphinx need to be answered to earn 1 or 3 team points depending on their balanced team result.

Additionally, participant can collect personal experience points with every interaction like attending a session, watching a video or playing a mini-game.

Media & Stuff

Once a learning world is unlocked, participants can access it´s content that can look as the following:

  • embedded videos
  • interviews with experts
  • FAQ and glossary
  • further recommendation (books, links, movies, …)
  • downloads (studies, reader, slides)


Additional minigames drag the player deeper into one specific aspect of the world they belong to. Some of the mini games are played after the initial session, others during the initial session.

Minigames are easy to understand, played within a couple of minutes and something to talk about.

They help the player to remember specific aspects of a topic.

The basic version of the journey contains three different kinds of mini-games:

  • Puzzle
  • Hidden Objects (Wimmelbild)
  • Value Guessing

Example Mini-Game (Wimmelbild): Find all sensors within a smart-factory


Awards are not only fun, they are part of the competitive challenge within the learning journey. Each team can win one award – but not every team is supposed to win one of the awards.

Awards are:

  • Technology Champions
    Won by the team that collected the most points on technology worlds
  • Business Heros
    Won by the team that collected the most points on business worlds
  • Human Warriors
    Won by the team that collected the most points on user worlds
  • Lightspeed Propulsion
    Won by the team that collected it´s points within the shortest amount of time


Book extensions additionally  to extend the experience and offer a wider range of topics. We offer more gamification mechanics and more deep dives:

  • In-journey Interaction
    This extension offers participants FAQ, chats, consulting and coaching between the events.
  • Journey as an App
    This extends the platform to become a native app. Available for iOS and Android phones.
  • More Minigames
    Extends the variety of minigames (recommended when playing more than six worlds)
  • More Awards
    Extends the variety of awards (we recommend to offer a 50/50 chance for every team to win an award)
  • Make Awards a Trophy
    Each team will be receiving a physical trophy for the award it has won
  • Executive Coaching
    Additional coaching sessions for executive teams or individual executives.
  • Singularity Leverage
    Leverage insights and create 150% business impact based on the core of what a company really stands for

in focus: the business extension

Integrate learnings into your business using the business extension: A working template will be interactively extended during every world-visit.

The template contains a generalized journey (i.e.: customer journey, employee journey, new joiner journey, people development journey) and each world adds a new dimension: how can we optimize the journey and individual contact points using one of the worlds topics.

This extension enables every participant to active learnings into next days business.

Example: the intelligence world

  • 10.00 Welcome
  • 10.10 Basis Introduction incl. Questionnaire
  • 10.30 Deep Dive 1: Understanding Neuronal Networks
  • 11:00 Workshop: Modeling a neuronal network
  • 11.15 Review
  • 11.30 Break
  • 11.45 Deep Dive 2: Business Examples: 2 Best-Practices
  • 12.30 Discussion & FAQ
  • 12.50 Mini-Game
  • 12.55 Outro
  • 13.00 End of Live Session
  • Afternoon: Teams run through Team-Challenge
Activating complex issues with 7-minutes Thought/Pulse

Even complex technical issues are broken down into easy 7-minutes thought/pulses. Let participants understand the basic principles. Focussing then on business level topics: why and how to leverage something to improve the customer or employee journey, optimize processes.

thought/pulses are meant to shortly dive deep into one topic.

Beside thought/pulses, the journey offers: creative/pulses, action/pulses, play/pulses and business/pulses

Checklist: Why visit our learning wolds
  • learn about future trends like artificial intelligence or augmented reality
  • become aware on challenges regarding business integration
  • create future scenarios how trends might impact business
  • apply scenarios onto employee or customer journeys

Your Employees…

  • learn how new technologies and trends will impact your business
  • see best-practices – learning about do’s and donuts
  • understand how to integrate new technologies into your customer or employee experience

world class dramaturgy

  • gamification drives participants into the topics
  • playful competition motivates the teams understanding the topics  best
  • teamful collaboration to tackle common challenges 
  • a narrative structure connects all worlds
  • combination of fun, learning and forming teams
  • triggers innovation

The platform

The platform guides participants through the journey. It is the red line that connects all dots and offers optional interactions. 

Participants can login to:

  • access the journey (schedule)
  • access and edit his/her profile
  • inspect personal experience points
  • run a self-assessment (questionnaire)
  • access the leaderboard of teams
  • access and review each world they unlocked so far
  • face the world sphinxes (team challenge)
  • play the mini-games
  • chat with other participants

We understand our platform as launchpad of the learning journey.


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